news is a photograph. art is an editorial.


Compositions from Cairo

A few months ago during the revolution in Egypt, I decided to begin making paintings, prints, and digital pieces from the landscapes surrounding Tahrir Square. To be clear, these works were not intended to make a ‘statement’ about the revolution. Rather, they were created as an exploration of information, in the language of maps, being recycled. The revolution is really secondary to what I am trying to accomplish. To begin this project, I created an accurate digital representation of the roads and rivers surrounding Tahrir Square in Cairo. Upon completing this initial and accurate representation, I began eliminating, reorienting, distorting, and “recycling” parts of the map. This essentially took my ‘information’ several steps away from the original map language and created stand alone images that no longer represent something purely factual. Here are two of the many digital works that were created during this process.

Composistion from Cairo, no.1

Digital Illustration. ©2011.

Composistion from Cairo, no.2

Digital Illustration. ©2011.


51 Points

If these paintings were rotated and placed over a map of the United States, each of the points would land precisely over a capital city, Washington D.C. included. These works were inspired by diagrams of cybergeography and the way in which information flows from point to point.

51 Points, no. 1

Acrylic on hardboard. 25″x48″.

©2011 William Reid.

51 Points, no. 2

Acrylic on hardboard. 20.75″x30″.

©2011 William Reid.

Information Lost

Recently I had the opportunity to use a few nice cameras to take some overexposed shots. I think that there is something very interesting about the loss of information that has occurred in these photos. Perhaps I’ll post a few more later.


Austin, Texas

Acrylic and other media on hardboard. 32.5″x45″. 2011.


These are a few pieces from an Alphabet book of people that I know.




India Ink on Bristol Board. 7″x7″. 2010.

Honeycomb: NYC

Acrylic and other media on hardboard. 3’x4′. 2010.


Digital Illustration. 2010


Drypoint. 2010.

Landfill: Sunset on Safe, Sanitary Rape

Acrylic and other media on hardboard. 4’x3′. 2010.